About Me

Who I Am.......

I'm Emma and I'm a jewellery designer and silversmith.

I've always had a love for jewellery for as long as I can remember and became excited when I realised y... Learn more

How I Can Help

At Emma Hughes Jewellery you are working directly with me, I offer a warm friendly service and work closely with you so you get that special piece made.

If you... Learn more

My Signature Style

My signature style has developed slowly over time, my inspiration comes from the natural world around me and nearly all my work has a hammer finish to give my... Learn more

Eco Friendly Packaging

My business eco-friendly right down to my packaging.

All of my packaging is made from recyclable material and can be recycled or reused again, I also send out a... Learn more


In January 2021 I won an award in recognition of my small business which is run by Theo Paphitis! 

I was so lucky and so overwhelmed when I won!