Half Term

Posted On 26 Feb 2022,

It’s been half term at the jewellery HQ this week which means work dramatically slows down, I can go in my workshop for a snippet of a time while my daughter is getting dressed then I’m not in my workshop until hubby comes home.

Work has been very sporadic this week as I’ve been unwell and not had the energy to work but progress has been made!

The beautiful butterfly I’ve been working on now has all the elements cut out and are now ready to solder on which I’m really pleased I managed to get done.

I’ve also had a spinner ring on my bench too and I finally managed to solder the star and moon on it yesterday, I love seeing how the jewellery comes alive, there’s still a bit to do until the ring is finished but should take too long then it will be ready for it’s new owner.

I’ve got lots of new ideas in my head ready for march but I’ll have to find the time to make them, I’ve had flowers on my bench since the beginning of January which are still there as I just can’t find the time to get them finished!

I also found out last week that I was a finalist for a modern maker of the year award for the jewellery category, I’d been short listed from thousands of entries! How amazing was that! Unfortunately I didn’t win but it still

felt amazing to be chosen for the short list!

Onwards and upwards as they say and I’m starting to feel the need to sit down and plan where this year is going to take me, I absolutely love going with the flow, taking each day as it comes but this year for some reason I’m feeling the need for strategy and have some things I’d like to achieve, I’m just a little unsure how to achieve them at the moment!

Watch this space!

Love and light

Emma x

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